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No matter how much we look for the answers out in the ethers, it is always up to us to make changes in our lives. There are some amazing books out there and I am here to tell you about one that a  friend gave to me.  I  believe there is nothing as healing as Nature, and apparently so does, Jeffrey Anderson.  His beautiful book The Nature of Things will look at first glance like a quick read. But, you’ll soon discover that you want to take your time and read some pages over and over.

Here is one of my favorite sections…


We often think of the spring of our lives as times when we are younger. In his chapter, “Flow” Anderson begs to differ.

“Clearly spring is our early lives, the time of youth and enthusiasm and vitality that seems to slosh all over with wild abandon onto everything that we do and think and say and feel.

Yet spring is not limited to the young. Spring seasons also happen frequently throughout our lives…fraught with promise, brimming with vitality, curious and even reckless with an impulsion to live as big as we can.

Love is often equated with spring. If you know love, you know the feelings that it elicits. There can be ten feet of snow outside, but love can make it feel like a spring day.”


Don’t let anyone tell you spring and love are for the young. Spring is for us all throughout our lives…and so is love!

“Love is life believing in itself”


Are you tired of watching sunsets alone? Ready to find the love of your life to share this next amazing chapter of life? It’s spring…just the right time for new beginnings. I can show you how to find love in your life. All you have to do is be willing to do the digging and planting.


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