The Holidays Bring Us All Home




Yesterday was a great day. I added just the right ornaments and got rid of those “cold” blue lights that were invented by the devil. An unexpected Christmas card arrived from someone who I have missed having in my life.

Unlike much of the country, it was warm enough to take a long walk with only a sweater and off I went, my Fitbit happily collecting my efforts. There was even a Golden Retriever to hug.


I got home, ditched my walking shoes, made myself a cup of “nectar of life” also known as tea, and sat down in my Big Red Chair feelin’ the holiday joy. Within a minute, I was sobbing. Where did that come from?  Hardly able to catch my breath, huge tears streaming down my face, I was suddenly 5 years old and I missed my Mama and my Daddy. Her picture hangs over my chair and I looked up as if to say, “Where are you? I need you.”


I’m not surprised by this kind of emotion any more. Sometimes when I am in a grocery store and see someone have to put something back on the shelf because they can’t afford it makes me cry. Listening to Christmas music takes me back to places where I first heard it, or into the homes of all those children whose mothers and fathers are somewhere in the Middle East and won’t see the muted joy on the faces of their child on Christmas morning.


Holidays are not a straight line, nor is life or love.  They are messy and complex and yet, truly a gift.  This year, I hope you’ll allow yourself to fully experience the holidays. They remind us of our humanity, and won’t always come in Hallmark cards. The packages in which the spirit of the holidays arrive may not be wrapped in shiny paper. You may feel like crying some of the time, guilty that you have abundance in your life when others don’t, sad that you don’t have a special someone with whom to share them and such joy and contentment, love and appreciation that you feel like you might burst at the seams. That’s what they’re really about. Enjoy the gifts this season will bring you!


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