For Me, October is Like Restless Leg Syndrome


It’s not even here yet, and I’m already thinking about it. What is it about October that sends me into a spin? Ups and downs are higher and lower. Hibernation sets in as I find myself staring into space, unable to do much else. That tricky sun finds her way up to a different location and has to run at the end of a painfully too-short day. Every year I feel as if I’ve been abandoned when darkness shows up before the evening news is over. It’s just a mess, October.


That wacky month seems to be infamous for huge changes in my life, both good and truly tragic. Both my wonderful sons were conceived in October, so maybe that early darkness was a gift! After a lifetime in the south, blaming the Stork for having dropped me there instead of where I belonged, it was October when I drove out the driveway headed for California…truly my home. It was also the month my Daddy was born, and that he decided one day it was time to leave. way too early in his life… and in mine. As each October arrives, I find myself going deep inside myself and asking the big questions. Each time that Harvest moon rises, those questions roll around in my head, my feet get itchy and, some men in my life would say I become “high maintenance”.


What do you do when your month of great change appears? Are there themes that keep recurring and begging for your attention? Are there some hard decisions that always come with great resistance that maybe this year you can just do anyway? Dreams you keep dismissing or perhaps don’t feel are possible?


The soul stirs in us in the fall. It’s uncomfortable most of the time when we feel restless and uncertain and want to take the short cuts. But, this is also the season when those changes can offer up a new, beautiful and more honest life. The soul always wants honesty.


Pick one thing you’ve been pushing down or trying to ignore because it just “feels too hard”. You will know what it is. Write it down and then do one thing this week toward making that happen. Just one thing. And your soul will take a deep sigh and  it will become your partner,  your coach, your friend on that journey to realizing your dream. I promise I’ll do it too and next October, let’s compare notes!

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