Is There Any Good in the World?


If I were to say, “I think the world is nicer these days” you’d probably think, “Poor Donna. She’s really losing it!” Perhaps you’d think, “She’s such an incurable optimist and what a Pollyanna!”. And you’d be right. But I have evidence to support my claim. Here it is…


Last evening a wonderful musician friend of mine had a CD release concert at my favorite venue where the sound is so perfect, I leave the planet after the first chord. On either side of me were two amazing women, a new friend and a woman who I can know will have my back in a pinch every time. What feels better than knowing we are safe in a world that feels very unsafe these days? 


The room was filled with friends of the performers and they were hungry to hear what they knew would be songs so tender, they could close their eyes and remember their mothers’ kisses, a baby’s “gathering the stars from the sky and putting them in a Mason jar”. For just that evening we all swam in the good and the love that remains even when most days we feel only powerless and alone in the hate and evil we see around the world.


It was late. I called an Uber. A young Middle Eastern man was there in 3 minutes! Love that about city living. He got out, opened the door for me and climbed back in the driver’s seat and said, “How was your day, Ma’am?” I told him about the concert and it began…He drives for Uber after his regular job at the car dealership is done. He doesn’t do it for the money. “I do it because I really love people and after a stressful day at my job, this is how I relax.” Apparently, before Uber, he’d come home stressed and just drive around to relax. “Now”, he says,”I get to do the thing I love more than anything…drive, and meet and talk to people until I am ready to go to sleep.” His lullaby is feeling connected to others’ lives and stories. Must work. I slept like a baby, thinking about the sweetness of my Uber driver.


Today, there was more evidence. A young Pakistani man offered me his seat on the bus, I joined the Y and talked about my writing and coaching with a young woman who wanted to know who I was beyond a member. The barista gave me extra whipped cream on my mocha without even being asked. The librarian could have been a stand-up comic and in 10 minutes I knew he was a loving father and not the stern, uncaring stereotype of what a librarian is thought to be.


The day is still young, and I’ve yet to turn on the evening news. I can do it though, knowing what I know to be true. There is so much love in my world, and  in yours too. Just don’t forget to pay attention. 


Are you a hopeless romantic who believes there’s lots of love in the world? Ready to find someone special to share this next amazing chapter of your sweet life? Not sure where to begin the journey?

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