It’s My Birthday!!


It’s my birthday today and how great is that!!  I love my birthday and always have. Wherever in the world did we get the notion that we aren’t supposed to tell anybody or celebrate it with crashing cymbals and fireworks, even if nobody’s around!? Who told us to keep it on the down-low? What’s not wonderful about being born and still being alive and able to choose what we are going to do on our birthdays, and every day?


Today I am going to give myself a gift. It seems lately that I’ve been noticing more than ever before just how hard I am on myself. It’s nothing new and in fact, it has been my most constant companion. Those monkeys in my mind that say “never enough” or “shoulda” kinds of things all day long. It’s exhausting!!! 


Now, we all know that those monkeys took up residence not at my own request, but because my parents and grandparents, aunts, uncles, teachers, ministers and teachers didn’t have a clue that I was pretty perfect, naturally flawed, and needed what they couldn’t give through no fault of their own. It’s what they knew to do. And watching my two sons lovingly parent my grandchildren gives me such joy because I can no longer see those monkeys.


This year’s present to myself is compassion. When I want to look backwards instead of forward, I’ll catch myself before I fall down that rabbit hole. When I pull out the mallet and am tempted to beat myself up for what I haven’t done, I promise to stop myself and smile at just how much I have done that day. When I’m out in this gorgeous world of such profound beauty and that feeling that I should be doing something “productive” washes over me, I promise to stop dead in my tracks, take a deep breath and smile knowing this moment is all I have and by God, I’m gonna enjoy it!


My wish for you is that you too will celebrate your birthday this year with reckless abandon. That you will tell all the world how happy you are to have been born and to have yet another day to feel the gifts life offers every second. Here’s hoping those monkeys find a sanctuary.

Donna Bailey, MS

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  1. Raymond Rodriguez on May 18, 2017 at 7:37 am

    Wishing you a very happy birthday. Smell the flowers, watch the sunset, have a glass of wine and know that you are loved by us.
    Ray and Ted

  2. Eric J Southmayd on May 18, 2017 at 8:22 pm

    One of your best posts ever. Hold those thoughts dear.

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