Do You Know How to Make Your Sweetheart Happy When She’s Sad?


Hey there, guys. Are you tired of feeling like a failure when your sweetheart is having a bad hair emotional day? Nothing seems to work very well, does it? Well, want to know the secret?


woman crying

DO NOTHING! Well, that isn’t totally true, but almost. When a woman is upset about something or has had a bad day at work or with the kids, she has to talk about it. HAS to talk about it until she is done. I know that might seem like an eternity to you because you already have the answer after about 30 seconds, right? WRONG.


Women do not want answers believe it or not. I know. I know. Who wouldn’t want the answer when they have a problem? Women. Trust me on this. What do you think will make them happy and truly appreciate you?  Listening. Making eye contact as if they are the only woman in the Universe while you simply listen to them. Nodding your head tells them you understand and even if you feel the boss may have been right, don’t say it. Not the time for truth-telling. Only listening and empathizing for now. Later, she may ask you what you think, would do or might have done in her situation, but that’s for her to ask and not for you to volunteer.


It feels like it goes against everything you’ve been taught or experienced in your world. It is the total opposite of everything you are good at and know to do. So, practice and time will prove to you that it is well worth the effort (or lack of doing something effort at least).


Finally, when she is over the anger and finally takes a deep breath, take her hand and just hold it. Or, try giving her a big sincere hug. You may feel her melt into your arms and take a deep sigh that says, “Thank you. I needed that.” You will make her very happy.

And ladies…if you’re reading this, remember to tell him “Thank you. I really appreciated your listening.”


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  1. Joel Blackwell on May 5, 2017 at 8:12 am

    Thanks for reaffirming the obvious incredibly difficult solution to a profound issue. We men have to learn, and relearn, this wisdom every day, to overcome our impulse to “fix,” when fix isn’ wanted. I try to train myself to set off an internal alarm that screams “shut up shut up just listen and nod.”

    It may also be worthwhile to suggest to women that they reciprocate from time to time when we jump in with solutions (unwanted to be sure) by acknowledging good intentions with a thanks instead of wailing “you aren’t listening.”

    As with all these loving interactions among the genders, it cuts both ways…

    Yours in the Struggle


    • admin on May 5, 2017 at 8:34 am

      Thanks, Joel
      I hope even in this one, that last line will remind women that men need to be told regularly when they “get it right”. And, it is SUCH a big learning we all need in this world of men and women wanting so much to love and be loved. I appreciate your wisdom!

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