I’m at it Again!!


It’s one thing to talk about dating and getting yourself out there. I do it for a living. I can feel my mouth moving, standing at the front of a room full of men and women, who, bless their hearts DID have the courage to come hear me. And yet, behind those hopeful eyes, they are still doubtful, scared, and so hoping I’ll tell them the road is going to be fairly easy.


It’s entirely another thing to hit that “Subscribe” button on Match.com, something I did yesterday and let me just say, not for the first time. I have, in fact, hit that button many more times than I might have liked. Each time, I was a different person. No, not entirely different, but wiser and always happier than the time before.


How in God’s name can having a relationship “not work out” make anybody happier? It has everything to do with what you gained, experienced and most importantly, what you learned about yourself that you will take with you into this next adventure.


When we put ourselves out there, we often get bruised and sometimes feel more like a piece of meat that’s been tenderized by a hammer. Maybe he wasn’t what he appeared to be when those hormones made us lose our minds. We wanted different things from life. He moved to be closer to his grand kids. Another alcoholic…are you kidding? I did it again?! It ended and hopefully we learned, took some time off to heal the hurt at least to the point where we can hit that “Subscribe Now” button.


I am not the same woman I was when I took myself off Match a year ago because I met a man who said, “I want to focus on us to see what can happen.” A lot happened. It was in many ways truly the time of my life. Wine, beauty, sweet and tender moments most all the time. We were happy, until we weren’t. But did those memories of dancing on the deck under the stars disappear? They certainly did not. Did I cry knowing I wouldn’t see those stars in exactly that same place in the sky again? I truly did. And, am I ready to dance again, look up at the stars or out over the ocean again with someone new. You bet I am!


A hopeless and courageous Romantic? Tired of watching those sunsets alone, and even think you are ready to get back out there to find someone with whom to share the next amazing chapter of your life? I can show you the way.
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