Never Take Love for Granted



One thing getting older brings besides more Irish freckles and knees that closely resemble pachyderms is a keen awareness of how precious life has become. It shouldn’t take 60 years to realize it, but nature gives us a big bag of denial dust that is finite and it would seem that around 55, the bag gets pretty light.


It’s so easy to think that tomorrow will look like today, that the person we love will always be there laying beside us. It’s been said that death is the greatest gift life offers us because it gives us a canvas on which to paint our lives. That may be so, but we don’t have to wait until we see that bony finger telling us it’s our time before we wake up to realize that life and love are precious.


Is there someone in your life that needs to hear, perhaps again, that they mean the world to you? A precious person whose life on this earth makes yours better in sometimes obvious ways, and often ways you may not realize until they aren’t there? Get real, take the plunge of vulnerability and tell them this very day how much you care.

Would you like to share your life once again with another? Is it time to stop thinking about love, wishing you had someone with whom to share this next chapter of your amazing life? Are you ready?

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