Can it Really Cause Separation Anxiety??


I gotta admit, those young whipper-snappers at the Genius Bar are just that! Walking down the street to take my beloved in for an “issue”, I passed the window where the old Apple store used to be. There was that simple Steve Jobs’ message…”We would never leave you..we’ve moved just down the block”. Truth is, Jobs knew exactly what was coming all along and thank goodness, they told me they wouldn’t abandon me. God knows, I have issues enough with that already.


They have really sweet faces, the greeters. Entering a world where those over 50 are few and far between, they seem to know and quite warm up to us. Today, my greeter asked for my name and when I told her she smiled and said “That’s my Mother’s name!” I hoped that was a good thing or she might move me to the back of the line. Seems she loved her Mom, so she seated me in the waiting pool area that resembled seating in old shoe stores where the salesmen sat on those stools to measure your feet.


To my right, a woman in her thirties was with her genius and I overheard him say, “We need to keep your phone for about an hour.” The corners of her mouth went down, her eyelids flew open and for a second I thought a snake may have crawled under her feet. Must not have been an unusual occurence at all because the Apple techie jumped right in, reassuring her that she’d be OK. “There’s a Barnes and Noble right up the street”, he said, “You can go read.” For a split second, my old judgment self thought, “Do you think she has ever handled a paper book?”


I rescued myself, smiled at her and said empathically, “It’s hard isn’t it?” She shook her head, still looking like she was in shock. “We are pretty dependent on these phones aren’t we?”. By then she was smiling, knowing I really did understand. I asked, “Have you ever been someplace where even though you had your phone, there was no reception for a day or so?” Shaking her head slowly, she said, “Yes. And you know what? It really feels great! I can’t help that I can’t call or even text them. It feels like freedom.”


I’d like to tell you my old sage self was smiling at her as if she were a young whipper snapper who was different from this tech-using grandmother. I’m gonna tell you the truth though. Tonight the power went out in my building. I lit a candle and the first thing I did was turn off my phone…not to have the freedom she talked about, but to save the power! It was as if I was saving the most important thing first. Yep. Gotta start looking for a 12-Step program for that.


If the next time the power goes off you want to have a wonderful someone to share the romance of the candlelight, and you’re ready to do what it takes to find them…

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  1. Pam Schaeffer on February 24, 2017 at 7:42 am

    Very nice analogy. I’m down for my next outtage. Can’t wait!

  2. Shelley JOhnson on February 24, 2017 at 10:07 pm

    I’ve absolutely been there! I completely freak if I accidentally leave my phone at home, in spite of the fact that I lived for DeCADES quite nicely without such a device. In the interest of full disclosure, though – back then I had a paper calendar, a 5 x 8″ leather binder with a zipper. It contained my entire life. I freaked just the same back then if I didn’t know where it was. I’m pretty much a lost creature.

  3. admin on March 1, 2017 at 6:30 am

    I’ve been there! It’s really true.

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