This is One You Won’t Believe!


When we’re looking for our Mr. Right or at least, Mr. Not So Wrong most of us think we’ll find him when we’re at our beautiful best. You know, not when we’re sweeping the ashes off the fireplace, but rather swaying in our pumpkin coach.


Yesterday I met a woman who proved that you just never know when he’ll be there. In an airport waiting for a flight to San Diego, she was buying one of those bottles of water that require mortgaging your house. When she left home that morning, the idea of finding a guy was not on her radar. You’ll know how true that was when I paint a self-described picture of her that morning…


In a “what the hell, who cares?” place, she left home with no make-up, a pair of compression socks with Chevron stamped on them, some capri pants and God only knows what kind of shoes. We have them…rare moments when we just park all things “feminine” and say “To hell with it”.


Standing by the water display case, she saw two guys eyeing her and one of them smiling. Reacting like she was on her broom, she thought, “Look at those jerks just making fun of my compression socks!” They kept looking at her as she took her million-dollar water and headed for the waiting area.  Beyond irritated, but happily still swimming in non-chalance, she plopped herself down, reached to pull her socks up and there they were! One of the guys smiled at her again and were it not for the call to board, she’d have let him have it.


It was as if she couldn’t escape them no matter what. Sure enough, guess who had the window seat to her aisle? He took one long look at her, pulled up the leg of his pants only to reveal his own pair of compression socks and they both laughed. They spent the flight talking and laughing. It’s been a year now since they met and they have big plans for Valentine’s Day…he’s quite the romantic and you gotta know, a genuinely great guy to love her compression socks and all!


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  1. Pam Schaeffer on February 10, 2017 at 2:56 pm

    Great story. I want this to happen to me!

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