What’s Important in the End?


I could see her smiling down on all of us. She only had one thing to say….

A year or two ago I went to honor a woman who I had the gift of knowing these past few years. She was grace-“full”and truly one of the most beautiful, giving people I have ever known.

Her life, like mine, wasn’t perfect. She made some mistakes, omissions, and I am sure she would say she never “reached her potential”. As a woman of 95, she didn’t want to “lean in”. She simply wanted to be happy and make those she loved happy.

Often when someone passes, as night falls we wonder what unspoken things we might have said to them and we look up as if they are behind the clouds with so much left to tell us that will help us live our best lives. In times when we are soft, perhaps sad because we miss them, they say something so simple…

As I sat in the sanctuary feeling her presence, I knew she had blessed us all and she didn’t have a litany of words of wisdom to leave with us. I could see that beautiful smile and knew that she only had one thing she wanted to tell us…

Just love, that’s all…just love.” 

This Valentine’s Day, you may not have the love of your life lying next to you. Perhaps you’re alone this year and can’t wait to say, once again,  “I love you.” to a person you’re hoping to find. Don’t wait. There are people all around who care about you  and perhaps this year, it’s time you tell them how much you love them. Don’t wait for a later that might never come. Say it now. 

Donna Bailey, MS

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