Love is All Around Us

Hugh Grant


Silly me…I watched “Four Weddings and a Funeral” way too close to Valentine’s Day. By the end of it, I was heavily identified with the feelings at the funeral. But….


I remembered the reason I liked that movie, besides Hugh Grant’s boyish charm and Andie McDowell’s outfits. It reminds me that we are all searching for love, connection, companionship and working our butts off to “get it right” so that love will come our way. Those of us who have found love are working just as hard to keep it.


We are reading books, going to see professionals that help us find the blocks to finding love, signing up for OK Cupid despite the terror of it.  A few of us are picking ourselves up from breakups, our hearts tattered like a lace valentine in a dumpster. But, we are picking ourselves up, dusting ourselves off and “starting all over again”. Why? Because we believe it is worth it AND we know it doesn’t come floating into our lives unless we do our part.


So, today if you are not there yet and your sweet adoring Princess isn’t bringing you coffee in bed, have faith and keep doing everything you can to find the love you want. In the meantime, focus on the love that is right in front of you and send out a thanks to the Universe for all the love in your life.

Would you like to have someone to love, kisses from someone other than your sweet dog?

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