Ode to the Brave

Woman in desert

“Some may say that I couldn’t sing, but no one can say that I didn’t sing.”

Florence Foster Jenkins
Most of us find relationships challenging and despite our crazy little girl and boy selves looking for the perfect prince or princess, eventually realize they really aren’t coming. What we have left is a craving for love and a human spirit so strong that it’s willing to get bruised and battered on the way to finding someone that makes our hearts sing.
When we do our own work to know ourselves, or at least think we do, our hearts open and we head out into the world often with one glass slipper and one sturdy shoe, limping along. There is no cheering section when we leave the safety of our protected hearts and no fans along the route urging us on. In fact, warning signs line the road, the stories of pain and loss and broken hearts, ours and those we love circle in our heads as we limp on…but, despite the loneliness of the journey, we soldier on.
Here’s to the brave hearts who believe that though the journey has no map and there is certain to be disappointment, pain and times when the road takes them through long stretches of desert…are determined to just keep walking until they find the love they so desire. It’s so much better than the alternative.
Are you ready to go!? If you are tired of watching sunsets alone and want to find someone to share this next amazing chapter of your life…awesome!

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