OMG, What am I Going to Do Now?



There is only one thing we can guarantee this new year to bring and that is change. Sometimes we ask for it. A hidden populus votes a man with zero experience in running a country into the highest office in the United States under the banner of change not even knowing perhaps what they want changed, simply that they don’t like things the way they are.


Nature must have known that change could be dangerous. We evolved lizard brains that have only one setting, “Don’t Change. Danger!!!”, and thanks to the lizard, we stay alive when motorists threaten to run us over or our bodies say, “Geezzz, 18 below and they say there is no such thing as climate change?” while we put on our llama-lined socks with heaters.


Yes, things around us change every second of our lives and yet, change is frightening for most of us even if we are miserable where we are.  As the saying goes, “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.”


This year I know for certain now that I will be moving from my sweet little sanctuary that has for four years sheltered me and fed my soul. Its southern exposure warmed my spirit and body no matter the season. My walks alongside the Bay, beautiful views as spectacular as anywhere in the world, a safe, snuggly tree house where I could look down at a busy world and up at the most astounding sunsets you can imagine. And now I have to move in the coming year, and today, I can only feel sadness and a longing to keep things the same.


Here’s what I know about change given a lifetime of moving from coast to coast, developing new businesses and moving on to the next thing, and yes, not being a woman who has a trophy for “longest marriage”.  The sadness and the fear are truly temporary. Next will come the excitement and the wonder of what will be next? Perhaps the Bay won’t be in view, but I’m betting something else just as beautiful is waiting right around the corner. Would I have chosen any of this? No. But often, change chooses for us and like toddlers, we are tugged along with no idea where the hell we are going.


So wherever you are in your life, know that it will be different tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow. Stay curious and excited and open so that you can absorb the juiciness that change will bring to your life. Yes, it’s scary as hell at times. You’ll feel lost in the dark woods. Days may go by where you can’t get out of your pajamas and you need a rake to comb your matted hair. Just stay with it and let it take you to places yet unknown.


Happy New Year and Bring on the Changes!

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