What Morning Skies Can Show Us




The sky was the color of babies…you know the pink and blue that still says boy or girl to our body memory?


I had slept like a baby, and happy to wake up under my feather comforter, I reached for the IPad to read my morning meditations. Both my kids would tell you that I’ve been doing those morning readings, listening to soft music, candles lit ever since they were born. I love early morning, watching the skies move from pitch black to baby colors. 


This morning Facebook announced an upcoming birthday of a friend of mine and without pause I protested, “That just can’t be!” You see, I would absolutely swear that he just had a birthday. Couldn’t have been more than a few months ago, right? Same for Christmas being here again and the way they laughed at me where I get my oil changed when I argued that it had NOT been two years since I was in there last.


I hate cliche’ but OMG, time is really flying. I’ve had the physics of it explained but it doesn’t help. I remember Bette Midler’s cry “…it’s going too fast! It’s going too fast!”.


What can we do to slow time down? Nothing. The question now is not about slowing it down, but how to really live every fleeting moment of it. Treating it like the beautiful thing it is. Capturing those morning colors. Asking how best to spend it like precious currency. There is nothing more beautiful than time because life is merely a series of seconds and only you get to decide how to spend each one of yours.


How will we spend our fleeting moments today? Will we give them to someone we love?  Can we remember that time is all that matters, realize that not one person’s memory of us will be about the money we made or the things we possessed?


Let the morning sky be a soft tap on your shoulder today.


Love and time are a beautiful couple. Be generous with yours.

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  1. Lisa Behring on December 6, 2016 at 9:25 pm

    Hi Donna,
    Steve Meckfessel shared this with me, and its lovely. He speaks so highly of you. Hope to see more of your inspirations…and yes, time is flying by WAY to quickly!

    • admin on December 7, 2016 at 11:01 am

      Hi Lisa!

      Well, thank you for reading this and I appreciate your signing up for more! He’s a great guy, isn’t he?
      Hoping your holidays will be seen and felt one moment at the time this year. Happy to have you in my blog life!

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