There is One Thing That is Certain



On election night, many of us felt like those poor souls must have in 1929 when the Market crashed. As if the world had come to an end, an endless darkness of the soul that we call despair. It was more than hopeless. We were truly speechless in the same way those who have experienced an unthinkable traumatic experience are frozen and unable to move.


As the television journalists forced themselves to keep talking, the map quickly eliminating denial, we all knew that this was a new reality and for many of us one we couldn’t begin to understand. Hope disappeared and uncertainty was waiting for us after we could think and speak again.


It was close to midnight. I sat staring into the fire that was slowly dying because I couldn’t move to feed it. The phone rang and buzzed and it was my youngest son who is now the father of a 2 year old son who, by the way, IS the cutest and brightest toddler on the planet. “Hi Mom. I just had to call because even when you’re a grown-up, there are times when you need your Mom”, he said, his voice as soft as I can ever recall. “What are we going to do?  I’m really scared.” A new Dad, he could only think about his wife and son and how to protect them from the uncertainty and fear-mongering that this campaign had instilled in most Americans…and in fact, across the globe.


For the first time since he was born, I felt unable to comfort him with words that could offer perspective, comfort or hope. Mothers are always there to make the boo boos better, tell our children it’s going to be OK. But this time, all I could do was feel his pain and terror that night and tell him one thing that I did know for sure…that I loved him so so much.


Uncertainty is part of all our lives, as is hopelessness and sometimes genuine despair. We can never know from moment to moment what will happen to us or our world. Life comes without guarantees or warranties.


There is only one port in the storms of life and it’s the gift of being humans. Love, love, love. That is something that is certain and available and precious. We are surrounded by it, uplifted by it and it is always available.


So today, my sweet friends and family, is the day of Thanksgiving. Thank those you love for being in your life. Thank the farmers and workers whose hard work put that food on your table. Remember to stop today and feel the love in your life. Really feel it.

Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for being in my life!

Donna Bailey, MS

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  1. Bill Carrothers on November 24, 2016 at 7:19 am

    As someone who voted for Mickey Mouse for President, and Minnie Mouse for Vice-President, I find all this sturm and drang about an election to be profound over-reaction. As far as the new administration is concerned, the Trump/Pence/Sessions team has a grand opportunity to end almost all immigration and assist our guests to return to their sending nations and make them great again. By now, it should be obvious that diversity destroys community and social capital. Meanwhile, I thank God for the beautiful love between you, your son, and your grandchild, Donna. Thank you for sharing a beautiful moment in your life.

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