My Biggest Fear About Being in a Relationship




Yes, I am a hopeful and hopeless romantic and I can’t recall a day when I wasn’t in love with love. I rather like that about myself, but sometimes it can create self-doubt where self-doubt doesn’t belong. You see, I believe that if you are fortunate enough to meet someone you love, truly love…those feelings of cherishing and tending to each other, hallmarks of the pink cloud days…don’t have to disappear when “reality” sets in.


Nature gave us an overdose of fabulous natural drugs to bring us together and for awhile we have an endless Rx. Then, it’s up to us to decide if we want a refill. If you loved it then, why not do what it takes to keep those lovin’ feelings alive? Because most of us take life for granted, and in doing so, take each other for granted as well. It’s truly sad to me that most everyone, but me seems to think it is unrealistic to think that we can hold on to those early and precious feelings we have toward one another.


It doesn’t take getting older to realize that life is precious. When we are young parents and look down into the tiny newborn faces of our children, we truly know that preciousness. Attending the funeral of someone we are sad to have lost reminds us of how irreplaceable they are and that our lives will never be the same again. And yet, we lay next to the person we love or jump out of bed, turn on our computers forgetting to even say “Good Morning” to them, and forget that life hasn’t promised us more than a minute at a time with our sweet love.


Start believing it. Believe it even before something forces you. Before she walks out the door from neglect or he announces he’s been with someone else and is ever so sorry. If you need to pull out those old photos to look in the eyes of a younger man or woman…the one you fell in love with awhile ago, do that. Take a moment in the morning to look at him sleeping, drool and all and remember just how precious this person truly is. Start today.


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