The Lure of the Fortune Cookie



That tiny piece of paper has been on my bedside table for a long time now and for some reason I can’t throw it away. I remember the day I was sitting in a Chinese restaurant alone and reliving an argument with a man I had been dating for awhile, I closed my eyes and cracked open the fortune cookie…”Love conquers all”, it said. Without thinking, the words poured out…”God, I so wish that were true.” 


Raised on Disney and being a hopeless romantic makes it hard to accept the truth about relationships. They are hard work! Mutual respect, listening to each other even when you have heard the story before, sometimes saying “Yes” to dancing when it isn’t your favorite thing, supporting your partner in a business venture that feels risky but is her passion… and being exquisitely careful with each other because real love means your heart is vulnerable and can be easily damaged. 


Love is a beautiful thing and those who find it are the lucky ones in life. But simply saying “I love you” will not make it last. It must be tended like a garden…watered with actions that show how much you care, and constant vigilance to make sure the weeds don’t choke the life out of it. Always more than words, it is the action that will in the long run “conquer all”. 

If you are tired of watching sunsets alone and know that finding love takes more than hoping, I will show you the way to love…again.

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Donna Bailey, MS

Coach, Speaker,  Writer  Dating and Relationships for “Grown-ups

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