I’m Not Doing THAT Again!




“The measure of our courage is the measure of our willingness to embrace disappointment, to turn towards it rather than away, the understanding that every real conversation of life involves having our hearts broken somewhere along the way and that there is no sincere path we can follow where we will not be fully and immeasurably let down and brought to earth, and where what initially looks like a betrayal, eventually puts real ground under our feet.” 

David Whyte, Consolations


When our hearts have been broken, it can feel as if we will never be the same. And we won’t. It is the opportunity that disappointment provides us that often remains invisible until the pain subsides. Perhaps it’s easier to feel victimized by life’s inevitable disappointments, and it’s in that dead end place that we give up our dreams, wants, desires and our hunger for loving again. Like an invisible thief in the night, becoming a victim of disappointment in love robs us of what might be possible.

Disappointment and heartbreak hurt, sometimes so deeply we think we won’t survive. And, yet we do. time and time again. If you think that opening your heart again isn’t worth the risk, remember your broken heart didn’t kill you. Don’t let fear rob you of your birthright to love and be loved by another. Gather your courage and go full- tilt into possibility. The alternative is deadly. 


If you’re tired of watching those sunsets alone and ready to let go of fear and do whatever it takes to find someone to share the next chapter of your amazing life, I’ll help you open your heart again. 
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