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malebrainimgWhat if I told you that you could find a great guy or woman more easily, be happier in your marriage and even have a better sex life by simply reading a book?  Would you do it?


As most of you know, I am currently writing a book on love and relationships, but it’s not mine I am selling today. It’s Louann Brizendine, M.D.’s The Male Brain  and The Female Brain.  Get up right now and go to Amazon or your local bookstore and spend the 15.00 that will give you such insight that you’ll make it required reading for everyone you know.


There are many reasons we struggle in our relationships, and just as many books and theories and gurus out there who will tell you if you simply follow the bouncing ball they offer, or the never-ending, pathetically over-simplified  lists of “How-to’s”, you’ll be happier in your relationships. They may give you a tidbit of information that you can use, but there is no real solution except understanding each other as men and women. And, before that, understanding yourself!


Brain chemistry is not an excuse to “blame it on the brain” whenever you behave badly. Sorry, you don’t get to say “Donna told me I couldn’t help it. It is my brain.” But, learning how the male and female brain work will give you 90% of what you need to understand how to even have a fighting chance at having a relationship that is joyful, exciting, and so so sweet.


We need one another. I’ve said it before, I NEED love. Dr. Brizendine agrees. And the path to having the cuddly, snuggly, hot sex, deep connection, “I’m so happy I am with you.” kind will come only by understanding how men and women tick. That tempers our expectations, helps us not feel constantly disappointed in one another, and over time, not settle because”this is just the way it is after you’ve been together this long”. Who wants a roommate for 30 years?


So, I hope you will take the time to do this basic but crucial thing. Find a copy of this book, or read some of John Gray’s books about the new brain research on men and women. Our brains really were developed on Mars and Venus…both lovely planets once we know how to reach them.

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