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I hope this post doesn’t send you scampering to the blog site of someone more “sane”.   I’d miss you. And, I know that women were burned for talking about magic, but I believe in it. Now, understand that I don’t subscribe to the idea that magic in and of itself will bring you what you dream about. If that were the case, I’d only to have dreamed of Mr. Right once and saved myself all this work. Sorry, but it also requires something of us.


About a week ago a dear friend of mine sent me a book. Now, the only thing unusual about it was that in all the years I’ve known her, never has she been one to wrap a book in brown paper and tolerate the lines and often behavior of the USPS. They came through this time, delivering a most amazing book, Life by the Cup. The author is a gypsy from the Ukraine, and now a successful entrepreneur who tells of her tender journey from scarcity and worry to abundance and the wealth that only living in the moment can bring. The book itself was magic, and that friend, well she is always the balm and the magic in my life.


The whole week had been a series of serendipitous events.  A woman I recently met at a friend’s party who was also authoring a book on love didn’t just say, “Let’s do lunch”. We did it! Two passionate women writers eating French food…now that is definitely magic.


Finally finding some dear friends I had tried to locate in the past. I did some footwork and, voila, they appeared. Seems they too felt the loss of some magic we shared.  And a dear friend once again offered me a month in her beautiful home in Carmel for another writing retreat. Magic!


I couldn’t stop reading the book. The gypsy too was a worshiper of tea, not just because it tastes amazing, but because it’s a spiritual experience every single time you lift a cup to your mouth. Her beautiful words describing the tea felt as if they were my words. The story of her life, the insurmountable challenges were met by a determined warrior who didn’t know how to give up. And yes, the deep times in the dark forests of doubt…all part of her life. Her story was mine too.


I’m going to follow this trail of magical breadcrumbs to Ojai, California just two days before I begin my Carmel retreat where I begin the actual writing of my book on love. Seems my tea gypsy is offering an author’s workshop designed just for me!  Everything I’m scared about, don’t understand, and am feeling overwhelmed about in this awesome art of writing a book…well, she’s offering to teach it to me, to support me and to love me through this process. Now you understand magic. Like I said, it doesn’t happen unless we trust ourselves and do our part. Remember, I had to open the package, trust my friend who sent it, and read the book. The rest will be a piece of cake!


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