Compost for Love?

compost pile

Relationships that end in heartache are thrown on a compost heap. We’ve taken the nutrients, left the parts that we can’t digest or chew or that we just don’t like.

That compost becomes fertilizer for a new beginning.

-Donna Bailey, MS

On a good day, we can wax philosophical about endings.  My best friend calls it “productive channeling of grief”. I just call it a really crappy day. When I am ending a relationship and I wake up feeling sad, alone and can’t find my Teddy bear to hug, I remember that life can be like a big compost pile. It can really stink. And, on a good “bad” day I have the presence of mind to know that it won’t last forever.

Things not to do on crappy days include making big decisions about anything, going online to find someone, and hitting the “Send” button to get it off your chest.

Things to do include going to your favorite cafe and saying “Yes” when they ask you if you want whipped cream on it. Pamper yourself with a massage, a hot bath, some time at the driving range smacking the daylights out of little white balls, eating some chocolate and by all means allowing nature to do her best work as the ultimate healer.

You can’t rush grief and sadness. It doesn’t understand being pushed and shoved so no matter how far you push it down, unrelenting, it will find its way out. So don’t try putting it in a dark place away from your heart. Find a friend who knows how to listen and if you can’t reach anybody, grab that Teddy and “bear” your sweet soul to him.

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Endings are new beginnings!

Donna Bailey, MS

Coach, Speaker, Writer

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