Wait for Perfection and You’ll Never Make it Happen


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“I met a breathtakingly beautiful former model who wanted to open her own tea spa. Fit and focused, she was an ideal spa spokeswoman who looked and lived the part. I was excited for her and we spent a lot of time together tasting teas and dreaming up beauty treatments. For months she researched tea supplies and worked on her plan, perfecting her concept and designing the perfect consumer experience. But she just kept doing that, over and over, and eventually she analyzed herself out of ever actually starting her business. She had a vision…but never believed there was enough money, time or the right lease.”

Working to achieve perfection can stop you from taking that one defining step toward your dream.

Excerpt from Life by the Cup

Zhena Muzyka

I speak from experience. I am humbled by the force that keeps us from actually doing something we long to do. Call it fear, self-esteem, trauma, fear of failure or success. Who cares what we call it? It is a dream robber of the most profound kind.


If you are ready to begin, push beyond all that “stuff” that keeps you frozen in your tracks, doing yet more planning, waiting for the right time…STOP IT!  Begin now to take the first small step toward that dream. If you long to find love, begin by asking yourself what is stopping you. What are your beliefs about love, about yourself and deserving love, and what if you could push through that, look back as you sit next to someone”perfect” for you and ask, “What in God’s name took me so long?”

“They may have said I sang badly, 

but they can never say I didn’t sing.”

-Florence Foster Jenkins

Are you tired of cooking by yourself, traveling to beautiful places with groups, and just want to enjoy a quiet evening by the fire with that special someone? I am here to help you take that baby step to love!

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