Every Ending is a Beginning



Why do seem to see endings as negative, sad, a reason to blame someone else and a right to hold on to the pain, sometimes forever? What are we getting from holding on to this belief?




Pandora has stations you can select with titles like, “Breakup Music” or my personal favorite, “I Can Let Go Now” where Karen Carpenter and Michael McDonald will have you in Leonard Cohen’s kitchen chair leaning into the gas oven. In a world of the lucky and privileged, endings are romantic as is suffering.


What if we turned things upside down and were willing and able to experience our endings as opportunities? With all that we learned from the experience, be it relationships that end, jobs that are now done, or our children growing up up and away from our Mother Bear and Papa Protector and leaving home, we can celebrate. Or, we can get stuck well beyond the time of appropriate grief and sadness.


The next time you lose something or someone you have enjoyed and loved, give yourself time to feel the sadness, turn on the music that will be your friend in going down the rabbit hole of suffering. Then, when you can lift your head and pick up a pen, or turn on your laptop, begin the climb out of the hole. Write down what you learned from that experience or person. Kindly declare that you will give it your best shot to do something differently next time because you CAN. Then, think of all the people that love you, cherish being alive and take one step toward a new beginning. Every ending is truly the gateway to a new and fabulous set of choices that you can make, but only if you leave the suffering behind.

If you are finding it hard to climb out of the rabbit hole of suffering and want more happiness and joy in your life, let’s talk.

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