How is Finding Love Like Beginning a New Business?

Dating plan

Have you ever started a new venture or developed a project that required a business plan? Being a hopeless entrepreneur, one of those people who would rather hang out in fear than watch the hands of a clock move,  I’ve hunkered down kicking and screaming, developing business plans that would serve as road maps to success. Well, all of them weren’t “successes”, but what I learned each time was invaluable.


Are you sick and tired of dreaded weekends. Your married friends invite you over, but you feel it…loneliness and longing for someone to share dinner and a nice bottle of Pinot. Do you have repetitive motion injury from swiping left and right hoping her face will pop up? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know that next trip to Bali wouldn’t be with the Club Med crowd? YES!!

Now what?


Home from dinner, you sign up for Match or decide to start putting on make up when  you go to the gym. Gotta do that! But, have you done your Dating Plan? How will you know if she/he is the person you are hoping to find? How can you write that damned profile if you don’t know what is important to say about you and what you want in life? Would you start a new business venture without a well thought out plan and expect to get the results you wanted? Some people do, and most of them will tell you what a foolish thing they did…wasting time and money with nothing to show for it.


So, when you are ready to find him/her, up the odds big time! Make a strategic plan that will include a profile that truly says what you want, who you are and how lucky they would be to date you! When those emails come rollin’ in, look at them, knowing if this person is your cuppa because you know yourself and what you want. Don’t waste precious time and money looking for love without a Dating Plan. I’m here to help you find love in all the right places. With that plan, it will be sooner than you think!

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