John Mayer Knows Why We Aren’t Finding Love



If you wonder why it is so so hard to find love, it’s because every bone in our bodies is terrified! That we might find a crazy person? She/he isn’t out there? I’m too old. All these yucky defeating feelings keep our posteriors stuck on the sofa watching chick flicks and downing gelato by the tub.


Before you beat up on yourself or go on a juice fast, you need to know something. It’s not about you. Our brains are “working against (me) you”. It’s called homeostasis and keeping things the same is a life and death assignment given to our sweet minds. In some things the lizard brain works pretty well, but in getting us beyond that fear, those messages and limiting beliefs that bring us back to “Bridget Jones Diary” over and over, it is our mortal enemy.


We are the only ones in the cockpit of command central and unfortunately, nobody else can do it for us. Only when we vision ourselves as beautiful, capable, smart, funny, sweet, bright, masculine or feminine in all the amazing ways we love…and never too old can we get ourselves up and out the door or in front of dating sites where all things are possible.


So, instead of beating yourself up for not having begun the journey to finding love, give yourself a big old hug and dose of forgiveness. Blame it on  your brain. Then, put on your dancing shoes, your hiking boots, your bike helmet, those sexy glasses that make you look so smart and begin that journey to find someone with whom to share this next chapter of your life.


When you are really ready, give me a call or email me to set up a free 30-minute consultation. If we’re a match, you’ll be excited to get off that sofa and do what it takes to find love and I’ll be right there to show you how.

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