Should We Throw Cinderella Under the Bus?

sad cinderella face


Last weekend I spent almost a whole beautiful day lovin’ on my twin granddaughters. Who could ask for more?


The girls are as different as night and day, but they share one thing…a father raised by me. And that man, God bless him, was born in 1971 just when I was hitting my stride in the Women’s Movement. So, you get the picture. These girls are being raised as strong, capable, caring women who will be celebrated for everything they are and do in this life. And, as research shows, the key indicator in a woman’s success is her relationship with her father.


There she was, among the building toys,the books to get them ready for a dental visit and all manner of really great toys…a Cinderella Barbie. Perfection in every way. I felt it rising from the souls of my feet and I wanted to pick that doll up and throw her into a busy San Francisco street. What was that about?


My life and the life of so many women raised on Disney haven’t led us to the castle, but instead down paths lined with poppies, poppies, poppies. And what waited for us was not a wise Wizard telling us we had it all along. That would have been amazing. We found men who probably wanted love as much as we did and there we were holding a Barbie Cinderella definition of what would make us happy.


Hopeful Romantic is a descriptor of myself that I truly love. Perhaps a dash of Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Ariel would have been just the right touch. What I would have wished for and know that my granddaughters are getting includes things like this…

*Love is amazing and so are you! He/she will be fortunate to meet you and get to know you.

*Even a Prince/Princess is imperfect, so you’ll have to love that too.

*Learn as much as you can about them and really learn how to communicate with them so that you feel heard, respected and can let it all hang out when you aren’t feeling perfect either.

*Treasure love and life because each day is a gift. Love is one of the gifts life has to offer and it takes a lot of courage to find it and keep it.

*Be sure to thank your father for helping you become strong, confident and beautiful young women.


I think that Cinderella Barbie may need to find a new home…hmmm, does anyone see the container marked “Landfill”?

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