Please, No Drama Ladies!

Oil and water not mixingIt seems that there are quite a few men out there in the dating world who are quick to say,”I don’t want any drama in my life.” What exactly do they mean by that??


If by “drama” men mean conflict, then good luck finding a healthy woman or for that matter, a healthy dog. If there is no conflict in your relationship, something is amiss, and the degree to which you can negotiate will tell you all you need to know about the prospects that the relationship will survive.


Let’s assume he does know how to deal with inevitable conflict. Perhaps, “drama” brings up the memory of a woman of the past that he just couldn’t make happy no matter what he did. The more she wanted from him, the louder she got. With each increase in decibel or the number of “We need to talk(s)”, he withdrew. And each time he “went away”, she sank into despair. Is this what he calls drama?


For every man’s desire to avoid “drama”, there are a dozen women who are asking for a partner that can “communicate”. And she means…??? She might mean he doesn’t check out, get quiet, get angry…she just wants him to “get what I am saying”…to be understood. Don’t we all want that?


Here’s what must happen if we are to find a loving partner. We have to understand each other as men and women. The first thing we need to accept is that we are like night and day in the best of circumstances. Men who are healthy and vibrant want to be loved and understood, and most of all, ladies…they want to make you happy. That is numero uno for them…just to make you happy.


Men…a woman who is healthy will feel things deeply and though she is strong and capable, she will need you to listen to her, hold her at the end of the day and just listen. She doesn’t need a solution. She just needs to be heard. That is what makes her happiest of all.

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