Do You Really Need a Man??

baby geese and momI was taking a walk this morning when I spotted some Canadian geese walking with their little chicks, and not-so-little teenagers. The mother was eating with the kids, ambling along relaxed and knowing just what to do.  This “Daddy Goose” was not relaxed! He was all about doing his job and doing it really well. Protecting Mama and the babies, he was making it pretty clear to everyone who passed that this was his territory.

I was struck by how much I loved that scene. She was able to relax, take care of the little goslings (not Ryan), and turn the rest over to the big guy. She didn’t have to worry about being safe or having enough food and it freed her up to do the nurturing she was made to do.

Much of my life I have been single, spending many years single-handedly parenting my sons. I worked, sometimes two jobs, to be sure we had what we needed. I grew a garden and “brought home the bacon, cooked it up in the pan…”. I bathed them, read to them, tucked them in, sometimes over and over. I was proud to know that I COULD do all of that. Truth was though, I wanted and needed help.

Can we do it all, ladies? You bet we can. Do we NEED a man? Not necessarily. And if you feel the answer is “yes”, that’s the correct answer for you.

Being alone can be beautiful. You can stretch out from corner to corner to corner on that King-sized bed, not have to put cotton balls in your ears to block the snoring, and never ever have to deal with the challenges relationships bring. Wonderful stuff and for some of us, the “right stuff”. If you are one of these women who are happy living alone, I not only salute you, but I have to admit,in some ways, I envy you.

Me…not so much I’m afraid. I just love love and for me it’s men, not geese. I have finally quit fighting it and am willing to take the falls inevitable in relationships.

So, whether your choice is to celebrate being alone or to love yet again, you are making the right choice for YOU.

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