Love is Ageless!

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A few months ago I had the privilege of spending three hours with ten of the most wonderful women in the world.

We were there to talk about finding love after 55.  Revolutionary idea, right? Seems Madison Avenue thinks we ‘re all done, over-the-hill and headed for pasture after age 25. Boy, do we have something to show them!

Ranging in age from 50-92, every one of them having loved and lost…some more than once and yet, there they were willing to do what it takes to find someone to love again. 

Afraid and shy and burdened by decades of other people’s opinions, parental and societal messages they came anyway.  And all of them discovered, among many things, how they shared ideas and myths about what they believe men are looking for.

“They wouldn’t be interested in me.” “They’re all looking for younger women.” These  are the most common beliefs that women over 55 have, followed by …” You know, men  are only looking for sex.” Where do we get that misinformation? Are men really ALL looking for younger women with whom to jump into bed? Perhaps, in their fantasy life but, come on ladies, let’s admit it…I don’t know a single straight woman who doesn’t almost groan out loud when she passes a young construction worker on a hot summer day.

Here’s the reality. Men and women are all looking for someone to love. Someone who is vibrant, interesting, bright, communicative, fun to be with…a person who makes them happy. And yes, some men are looking for younger women who never get out of bed…but, is that the kind of man you’re looking for?

In order to get past beliefs that make you feel invisible and can make finding love seem impossible, you have to let go of misinformation and limitations that are not only self-imposed, but being spoon fed to you by media and a culture swimming in ageism.

You know how you feel! You know what you want! You take that vibrant, fun, lovable, bright self right out into the world. Everyone will feel about you what you feel about yourself, and even if you don’t find Mr. Right walking down the street today, feeling sexy will enhance your walk!

If you’re ready to let go of old beliefs and feel the zing of love, give me a call for a complimentary session!

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