It’s Just Lunch, Right?


frog with crown


In two hours I am meeting a man I’ve recently met on Match for lunch at a trendy restaurant near my house. It’s a gorgeous spring day and  you’d think I’d be happy, excited and curious, right? Well, I wish! Every single time this happens, my head feels like a tennis ball pitching machine and even though I know it’s just a date it still sets all kinds of  feelings in motion and  every single time I am completely surprised and bewildered.


Though we can tell ourselves it’s just a date we all anticipate, hoping that this time we’ll see the fireworks or at the very least enjoy each other so much that before we know it, hours will have passed. What would it be like if we didn’t have that sense of possibility? How can we feel the hope without ending up crushed and disappointed when we leave with a handshake, knowing that we are back in the koi pond? Repeat after me…

  1. Just show up as yourself
  2. See yourself meeting a new friend
  3. Stay in the moment
  4. Listen to him/her and to what you are feeling too
  5. Even if he/she isn’t the one, note what you liked about them as a way to continue to be clear about what’s important to you in a partner

If you do these things when you do find that special someone you want to be with, it’s a great beginning to building and sustaining a long term  relationship. So, practice each time you meet someone for the first time.


So, I am putting on my sweater! I’m going to go with hope because past experience confirms that even if I need to apply more lip balm and kiss more frogs, someone is out there that has that same hope and determination to keep looking.  Wish me luck!

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