Looking for Love or for Happiness?




Sometimes the two come together in the form of two people who meet, fall in love and decide to be together sometimes for life, and other times for whatever period of their lives they share. But have we short-changed what happiness means?



Every year as Valentine’s Day approaches, and that begins for Hallmark the day after Christmas, our unconscious kicks into overdrive. Visions of hearts, chocolates, champagne…memories of red construction paper hearts with lace borders made from doilies and for some of us,shoe boxes covered in crisp red tissue paper, the top with a hole in it just big enough for our classmates to put a tiny valentine inside (or not!). With those images, our sweet little hearts remember the pain associated with times when we were disappointed in love. And, more importantly, amnesia sets in at least until that miserable February 14 has finally passed.


It’s hard to ignore the marketing definition and images of what love is. The good news is that we can turn that around by overriding those old memories with our newer and more accurate definition of love and happiness. It’s really simple when you are ready to move past the formula that Love=Happiness and that Happiness=Being in Love.


Here’s how to have a happy Valentine’s Day this year even if you haven’t found your special person yet. It’s low budget and you don’t have to go to a spa or Maui. All it takes is a sheet of paper and a pen.


Think of all the people in your life that you love and those that may no longer be a part of your day to day life that you once loved. List every single one of them! Then, remember places you have been, things that you have seen in the past few months that brought you joy and happiness. Don’t forget the tiny things…hummingbird2





and the big things that are yours for the taking every day of your life. If you are a music lover, list the artists, tunes , instruments, tones, memories of concerts that felt ecstatic and feel like eating  dessert when you hear them. Now, think of desserts (no fair including anything like cholesterol, organic or not, calories) that are the next best thing to an orgasm. Make a list of them!


There’s no shortage of happiness. There’s always an abundance of love. You just have to take time to remember!


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