Beauty and the Beach…Life’s Lesson Made Easy

tai chi at the beach




I think I am one of the most blessed people on the Earth. There are many reasons including health, family, loving friends, the loves of my life and the joy of having lived in one of the most beautiful places on the planet.


Every month I travel back to Carmel, California to see clients and visit friends who always welcome me into their homes with open arms and hearts. I leave after a few days feeling that everything is alright in my life and the world. It’s magic in this area of the world and if you don’t have it as a destination for yourself, I would think about that.


I lived in Carmel for 11 years and had a distant view of the ocean and my favorite body of water, those wetlands where the waterfowl and birds find plenty to eat. Between the river and the turquoise ocean, during the summer and fall there is a pond of sorts and brown pelicans don’t mind sharing a hot day with small children who shriek and laugh and Golden Retrievers who lust for the ducks floating nearby. It is magic.


The pond is temporary because in the winter, the current changes and most of the beach disappears, as does the road above much to the City’s dismay. The river that flows down to the ocean gathers power and eventually pushes through the sand and flows into the ocean. It happens like this year after year after year and though I miss walking that long stretch of white sand during the colder months, I know what to expect and remember that spring will bring the beach back, the river will look still and calm, and the children will return a year older.


Life is like this too if we can give up the notion that it should stay the same or not pull any punches. Humans long for things to stay the same…safe and predictable. We write a story with that plot and when life constantly tries to tell us that “normal” is change rather than the status quo, we resist like toddlers, refusing to believe it. And we suffer.




Perhaps its time for us to spend some time in nature. I highly recommend the River Beach in Carmel as a tutor. Try and learn to meet the waves of life as if you are doing Tai Chi rather than building a fortress. It feels so much better.

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