Making Plans Not Resolutions



What’s the difference, you might ask? When you hear the word, “resolution”, doesn’t it feel like something you will do in the future, sometime, later…I guess, when I have time, hope I can. Resolving to do something isn’t doing it.


This year, pick your battles or your dreams carefully. This is not for the faint of heart, so take some time to ask yourself how important this thing you want to do really is in the scheme of things. Is the time right for this dream or goal? Have you set this goal or intention before (or over and over and over)? If so, write about why you think it is important and then, why you haven’t done it.


Dreams and goals have a place in time. Sometimes dreams aren’t ours. Someone told us we should do it or it truly was our dream 20 years ago. Dreams can get stale and need to be put in the compost pile. Goals can be unrealistic, untimely or just plain uninteresting to us now. It’s time for a review not only of those goals, but a closer look at who you are today, here and now.


This year, instead of resolutions and other promises that can turn into a set-up, take some time to get to know yourself better. Discover what itch needs to be scratched now. Find your own dreams and goals and make them happen! If you want someone to help you discover your passion and the road to realizing it, I’m here to be your Personal Guide to Happiness.


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