Gratitude..How Do We Find It?

017People throw the word around like a Wiffle Ball as if it’s light and easily held. Getting to gratitude is a slog sometimes. We know we should feel it, that to experience it will make us feel better. Getting there when we are in pain is a journey.



When we lose something or someone, what about that feels good?  Those mornings when our feet hit the floor and we wonder how we’re going to get through the day, when we are waiting for the results of a mammogram or wondering if we will ever find love again…where is the bridge to gratitude?


I don’t understand how it works, but when I can sit in my Big Red Chair and allow my heart to open to the beauty of my life rather than the pain, it moves in like morning fog and holds me close to possibility. Sometimes I have to force myself to give up pain because strangely,  it too can feel like a friend. There can sometimes be  a strange comfort in suffering. Perhaps when we’re in pain, our hearts are open to receiving comfort and there is an awareness of just how much we need each other.


When you are struggling and hanging on to pain, move into gratitude to comfort yourself. Make a list of all the things and people you love.  Find a beautiful “Gratitude Box” and keep your receipts  from museums or events that you visited,  a poem that inspires you, shells or small stones from your favorite beach and photos of people who love you to remind you of what’s good about your sweet life.


One thing I know for sure is that the warm comfort provided by gratitude is the real thing. How does it work?  I have no idea, but I’m going there this morning to once again feel its magic.

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