A Little Nostalgia With Your Eggnog?

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My emotions at Christmas are like a goldfish that jumped out of the tank. Joy, love, sadness, regret, unbridled happiness flopping around, desperately searching for a refuge. Like a bad case of A Fib, but not a drug in sight to give me relief, my only hope is that this/these too shall pass.


As days shorten and darkness comes early, a year comes to an end, and gym advertisements remind us it’s time to get real, it seems that our past, present and future collide like impudent 2 year old’s demanding our attention. They all have something to tell us, but we have to let them have their time.


What did we learn from decisions we made? What changed in our lives this year? Who or what did we have to leave behind in order to grow and move closer to what we want and deserve in our lives? What do we want to do with this next precious year? What do we love about ourselves that we didn’t see before? How amazing is it that we are so loved? Have we told those people how much they mean to us? What thing did you do this past year that gave you the most joy? These are the gifts holiday nostalgia can bring to you.


This season, let yourself experience all those feelings. They will lead you into a beautiful new year.

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