Please Do More Than Survive the Holidays




Yesterday I got on a bus near my house feeling a bit funky about the holidays. You know what that means, right? It seems most of us have some version of it that comes out of some deep closet inside us. Perhaps it begins when the light shifts and we are thrown into the darkness earlier, but there are days during the holidays that follow when all the Christmas lights in the world don’t seem to be enough to make us smile.


Friends, clients, strangers I meet on a bus often use the words “surviving it” when asked about their holiday plans. This year with shootings here and abroad, it’s no wonder we have that word so on our minds.


You can let Hallmark, your old memories from the past holidays or the terrorists determine how you will spend the holidays or you can take control of them and decide you will do more than survive the holidays this year. It isn’t that complicated.


Yesterday I was walking down the street near a big medical complex. I am not sure if I was in a vortex or the Ghost of Christmas Present was there with me, but I passed 25 people of every race, culture and faith. We all looked in each others eyes as we came closer together and every single one of us said “Hello”, “Good Morning” and even “Happy Holidays”. It felt for all the world to me that this was really what these times are about. Nothing else seemed to matter…not the presents, the lights on the trees or even the Republican debate spewing suspicion and hate. We were saying more than “hello”. It was Peace on Earth, Good Will to Man as the holidays are intended to be.


So, try looking into others’ eyes as you go into your day today. Give the gift of connection to each other for the holidays this year.

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