The Waiting Game

man waitingRepublished by request…


It seems that every woman I know, including moi, is in some state of waiting for someone or something…for an answer. And, I am noticing that waiting is really difficult for us. 


If we are out in the dating world, online or just hoping they will show up at the next event, we are living in a state of waiting. Then, we see someone that may not be “sponge-worthy” but merits at least an email or some extended eye contact. We take a chance, hit the “Send him/her a nice message” button or lift our glass to Mr. “I find you attractive”.


Fast forward…coffee date, sharing a glass of wine time! Great conversation, love to hike, God no, no more kids kinds of connection. Not sure if it is your forever mate, but yeah…admit it, you want to see them again. Endorphins rule!  So, you exchange your “real” email address, phone numbers (he doesn’t know this one is your safe-to-date cell phone), and agree to be in touch soon. And, the waiting begins….you know the drill.


OK, let’s allow a day or so to fulfill that ridiculous rule of dating…”not so fast, keep them waiting, don’t appear needy or too interested”. Who in the hell invented these rules??? A few days pass and our self-esteem now looks like a Mylar balloon hovering around a floor full of dust bunnies. Hopelessness moves in like the San Francisco fog at sunset, and our chorus takes up residence...the one that chants and points a bony finger at us for being so foolish, for having hope or believing that real love exists.


I wish I could give you the short link to the solution about the way to go through meeting someone and taking the high ground that would keep you from this painful part of looking for love. The fact is that love hurts at times, even when we are just looking for it. If you want it, you need to absolutely embrace that fact. And, remember that each time this opportunity comes in your life, you learn that you can survive the waiting, and sometimes the endings that are part of this crazy game where we hang our hearts out to heal over and over.

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