Just Show Up!




Excited Shopping WomanThe phone rings…OMG! I got the interview! Or “Yes, I would love to meet you. How about a drink after work?” Joy, adrenaline and that wonderful oxytocin starts bubbling up. Then it begins…



I have to go shopping! Every outfit I have just won’t do it. The shoes are crammed inside my closet but not one of them will make me feel like I want to feel when I meet him. So, off we go with our credit card screaming, “You deserve it.” But do we really feel like we deserve it? Truth is, if we don’t, then all the Manolo Blahniks in the world won’t do a thing to make that true.


Sometimes when I am at the gym, make-up-less and sweaty I can’t help but wonder what it would be like to meet an attractive man at that moment and feel comfortable right then and there in my own, albeit sweaty and slowly wrinkling skin. To be without the voices inside my head screaming all manner of things I would never say to someone I loved. To just stand there and show up as myself…


Imagine going into that job interview wearing comfortable shoes? Feeling gorgeous in that suit you bought last year and knowing that all you need to do is show up and be your amazing, bright and talented self? The voices saying softly, “They would be so lucky to have you.”


There is probably nothing I can tell you that will make the voices that say you aren’t enough (you know them, right?) go away or to convince you that you are perfect just the way you are. They will always be a part of you, but you can make friends with them by knowing the voice isn’t YOUR voice. Create new messages and see what happens when YOU believe that you are amazing, unique and deserving of love and meaningful exciting work.


I want you to try this…next time you get that phone call, resist the urge to shop. You have everything you need. Just take the risk of showing up as yourself and see what happens. Your credit card bill will be less and you’ll know how good it feels to live in your own body and soul. 

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