The Man in Your Head

elephant in the bedYou never know what baggage you are carrying until you get into a new relationship.

For months your friends  kindly tolerated midnight texts, early morning phone calls and listening to you ask over and over…

1. Why was I so stupid?

2. Why didn’t I see that coming?

3. Why can’t I make a relationship work?

4. Why can’t I stop crying?

5. Why can’t I forget him?

One day the miracle happens. You meet a wonderful new man and yes, you have moved on, right?? He says he really enjoyed spending time with you, loves that you are strong and speak your mind and that you don’t ever have to worry that he isn’t emotionally available because he’s “done the work.”  Finally, that Prince showed up! And you don’t believe a word he says.

You see, the man who used to be in your bed is still in your head Where can you find a good Exorcist? You begin by looking in the mirror.

By mid-life, our hearts have been broken and trust is our biggest obstacle to finding love again. But is it the man or woman in front of you that you don’t trust, or is it yourself?

Developing trust is always the first part of any new relationship, and the more relationships that have ended, the greater the need to take the time to build a strong foundation with the new partner. Take your time, stay open to the possibilities that new relationships bring and in time, there will be only two of you in that bed.

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