Sorry But Nobody Gets a “Pass” on This




“The shape of your scar and the degree of your healing will influence every subsequent connection you form.”

Judith Sills, Getting Naked Again

Well, that’s enough to make you want to pull the covers over your head, isn’t it? Come on out from under there and stop and smell the coffee. It’s plain and simply the way it is for every one of us, even Ozzie and Harriet.


None of us is walking around without scars, especially if we are over 50. In fact, by this age we need to wear long sleeved turtlenecks just to cover them. If you don’t have scars, you have certainly never loved and lost.


There can be no love unless you are willing to risk scars and yet, not to love creates its own wound to our hearts. We are meant to love and, because someone wiser than we are knew that, we were given the gift of healing.


How long should it take to “get over” someone? As long as it takes for you.

When is it time to risk it again? When you feel the desire to be with someone and are ready to do everything it takes to find a guy/woman who has done “enough” healing to be open to love.

Won’t I just get hurt again? Maybe. And if that happens, another scar will form and life will offer you another opportunity to bring all that wisdom into the next relationship.


Oh, they didn’t tell you scars have wisdom inside them? Well, you bet they do!


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