I Need a Man

fish on a bicycle



There! I said it! I will now be looking for the letters revoking my membership in NOW, Planned Parenthood, Business and Professional Women’s Association and all things 70’s.


Most of us know where we went so far left with being independent and self-sufficient that we relegated men to fish on bicycles. Our Orwellian world today confirmed it. We only need their sperm. And, God forbid we should want or need anything else, right? What would that say about us?


I’ll tell you what it says about me. I don’t need their sperm any more, but I do need them in my life in many wonderful ways, including the way I feel when I share a walk or watch a sunset, have them pick up something from the grocery store, get the boat ready for a sail or welcome me to sit with them (in silence) while they watch a football game.


It’s time we all copped to it. We do need men and it’s normal and wonderful to “need” others in our lives. I think there is a DSM classification for loners who don’t know how to be vulnerable enough to need anyone. Human beings need each other. And yes, it’s OK if you don’t want the companionship of a man too. What’s important is that you recognize the needs you have that others welcome the opportunity to provide.


There is as much joy in giving to each other as there is to receiving. So, go ahead. Soften your hold on those old messages that say needing is weakness. It’s really beautiful.

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