Do You Really Think There’s Someone Out There?



This is the most common question I get when I tell someone I’m a Life Transitions Coach who helps people find love. That question rolls out of their mouths without hesitation and they’re deadly serious in their inquiry, or should I say their “belief”.


Finding someone to love is not for the faint of heart. The road to love begins with a deep desire, a willingness to making it one of the most important things in your life, doing your part, having faith and patience and most of all, identifying the roadblocks you have constructed. 


Not long ago, I went to a friend’s birthday bash. Sipping a “Black Tornado” and minutes before that tequila hit my brain, a woman beside me asked me what I did for a living. “I help people find love”. “You REALLY believe there are men out there?!” Undying optimism, personal experience, foolish naivete…who knows why I believe that YES, there are many people out there for all of us. And then, sadly I understood once again why they can’t find us.


“I’ll tell you one thing!”, she said. “When I meet this guy he is not going to have ANY baggage and he’s going to know how to say the right things.” Curious, I asked her what the “right things” were. Suddenly Tinkerbell appeared! Stars and fairy dust fell from the sky and like The Wizard of Oz, we went from black and white to color…You see, her guy couldn’t find her because he was in the movie.


There are many things, most of which we are unaware, that are limiting beliefs we carry about relationships, love, romance, sex, and what we think “true love” looks like. So many are unconscious and they strip us of opportunities to be happy in love. Uncovering beliefs, behaviors and fears that are keeping you from finding someone doesn’t have to take years of therapy. If you really want love, you can have it. Love comes when you are willing to discover the roadblocks and open your heart to possibility.


If you or someone you know are looking for love, on October 30 I will be offering a 2 hour workshop for 10 in an intimate setting in Carmel, CA.  If you can’t make it to Carmel, gather some of your friends together and we’ll work together to find out what is standing in the way.


Give me a call at 510-817-4242 if you want to join us in Carmel or plan a workshop in your neighborhood. And, please post this on your Facebook page so more people who have also wondered “Is there someone really out there?” may share my belief that love is right there.



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