A Better Way

pushing-rock-up-hillI got up this morning feeling like I had to move a 1000 pound boulder using my pinkie. It wasn’t just about age either. You see, after eating my way through the world’s most elaborate dessert table at a weekend wedding, taking a nap on a beautiful beach and enjoying a glass of wine on a sailboat, alas, I had to get back to reality.

My work is like dessert to me when I am in my Big Red Chair writing a new blog or sitting with a client who wants to move forward in her/his life. That boulder appears mostly when I face my computer screen knowing that nothing will happen unless I solve that techno nightmare delivered by the Wicked Witch of the North while I was sleeping.  Did your mother tell you not to use the word “hate”? Well, there just isn’t a better word than that when we face parts of our work lives that are “not our favorite” (better, Mom??).

In every new venture and in our jobs there are tasks that challenge, frustrate and make us want to pull out our Amex card, close our eyes and just point to any place on the map and buy a ticket that will get us there, TODAY!  Some would say, “Grin and bear it”. Call me childish, but I think there is a better way.

I recently heard a term, “Opportunity Costs”.  Those are a measure of what it costs us emotionally, relationally, monetarily and spiritually when we work in ways that do not honor our style and way of working.  How do we best use our time and talents?  We will most often have to do battle with the money ogre. You will recognize him. It is the voice that tells you that you “have to do it yourself  because you don’t have the money to hire someone else”. There is  reward for taking the ogre on.  The joy of being in the flow where  you will feel  the timeless joy of your work, increased productivity, and the opportunities that  will present themselves tomorrow morning when your feet  hit the floor ready to take you gratefully into your day.

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