Today a dear friend’s heart is broken knowing she gave it her best and it didn’t work out.

Today the couple sitting on the bench at sunset laughed the sound of new love.


Today I wished I had a monthly pension or distribution from wealth built over a lifetime.

Today I was so excited and happy to be in my Big Red Chair doing what I love SO much.


Today I wanted to eat an entire cake because I felt so empty.

Today I snuggled with a Golden Retriever, saw my grandson’s smile and was full to overflowing.


Today I missed the man I loved for the past two years.

Today I felt the joy of returning to my life and feeling the joy of being alone…for now.


Today I missed my father whose birthday is tomorrow.

Today I knew he was the one who made me the strong, loving woman I am today.


Isn’t life wonderful? Remember to take it all in…today.

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