You Can Count on it Every Time

flower unfoldingThere is nothing like the struggle that goes with making a big decision. A relentless friend or perhaps formidable foe, our moral compass works overtime to bring us to our own true North. Books fall off the shelf,  billboards appear with the magic answer, total strangers standing in line for their morning cuppa are discussing “our” issue and we listen hard, hoping they will have the answer.


What makes us ignore our own wisdom and continue looking ANYWHERE for the answer that we WANT? It is almost always in order to avoid pain, the fear of making a “mistake”, or we simply can’t trust what we think or feel.


So, how do we know when we are headed in the right direction? 

Our bodies always hold the answer. When you are ready to really listen, here is the way to your truth…


Get still and quiet in a way that works for you. Place your hand on your abdomen and breathe deeply, in and out three times. Then find the place in your body where you feel uneasy, in pain or feel tension. Ask yourself what you are holding on to and what action you need to take in order to feel peace.  Let any doubt go and trust that your body holds the truth for you. We long for balance, peace and joy.


Your moral compass can be found here when you are ready to listen.

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  1. Jamison on September 19, 2015 at 7:58 am

    Good morning and thank you for this lovely message.

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