How to Survive the “Day From Hell”

old-running-shoesWe all have them…

Maybe you lose a bid on a job, end a relationship, or maybe you don’t even know what hit you. You just can’t take it any more! Seriously, you really CAN’T! It’s 5 am and you wake up just wanting it to be time for bed.

How, in God’s name, can you just get through the day?

I am here to tell you, yesterday I woke up feeling intermittently like a sad slug and a manic coyote. I think therapists call it “agitated depression”, but I call it a case of the “crazies” and I just hate it when that happens. I do know, however from years of crazy days, that I will indeed survive, and in fact something good seems always to come from having weathered it. 


I am happy to say I did indeed survive (right, the blog…) and here’s what I pulled from my toolbox yesterday that gave me the will to live yet another day..

  1. A cup of my favorite tea and a scone full of fat…and I added butter!
  2. Some of that great soothing New Age music (Pandora says I broke the record for listening to Liquid Mind!)
  3. Sitting and staring for God knows how long and only moving when my butt hurt
  4. Using up a box of Kleenex and giving myself a good pity party, some call it “White Whine”
  5. Speaking of wine…yep and I highly recommend that, but try and hold off til 5
  6. A quart of Ben and Jerry’s (Chunky Monkey)
  7. Using up another box of Kleenex
  8. Climbing under my down comforter and staring some more
  9. Dancing to the Pointer Sisters
  10. Crying to my Eva Cassidy station
  11. Watching “Homeward Bound”…guaranteed to work, and if you haven’t seen “Inside Out” and can make it to the theater, this is the one to see today.
  12. WALKING!!!!!! and then WALKING some more followed by ice on my sore feet
  13. Remembering all the people in my life who love me and reaching out to the ones who understand just what it feels like to have a day from hell. 

The next time you think you just cannot stand it, life, the day, the situation, yourself for one more minute…know that you can and will. Tomorrow, it may feel less like hell, or even close to heaven. Who knows? If your days turn into weeks, though…find a professional that has the tools you may not find in that personal toolbox and let us give you a hand back on the path.


  1. Shelley on September 16, 2015 at 4:11 pm

    I’m so sorry, sweetie. Your experience and your ability to articulate it all so clearly has the power to uplift others
    Love you!

  2. Raymond Rodriguez on September 17, 2015 at 2:36 pm

    Dancing is always good for my soul!

    • admin on September 17, 2015 at 3:25 pm

      That is always a sure thing!! Moving your body to music makes it impossible not to feel better, plus I do love to dance!! If you were here, we could boogie together!

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