All I Want to Do is DANCE!!!




Do you love to dance? I mean the kind where you just move to the music as if nobody is watching and you can do anything you want!! ? You know what I mean?! Well, I love to dance more than just about anything else..well….almost anything else.


I realized when I heard this song by Keb Mo that my life had been way off track ever since I hit puberty. I was, as they say, a” long drink of water” at a towering  5’9″ in the fifth grade!  But, that didn’t change the fact that l was born to move! So, standing against the wall in every school dance, I waited for a boy to ask me to dance. They were tall enough to reach my not-so-evolved breasts, so it’s no surprise that I spent the evenings waiting, and waiting and waiting and waiting and guess what?…  I have been waiting ever since!


It doesn’t just apply to dancing. I have waited for men for many reasons, not the least of which is I do really love being in love, having a partner and sharing my life. But, I have waited for men for things I needed to just do myself. Not because it isn’t fun to dance together, but not to dance because we are alone is a sacrifice we are choosing to make.


Sit down with your favorite drink and write about this…

“What things do I really want to do in my life that I am not doing because I don’t have anyone to do it with?” It might be a partner you are waiting to find, or just a friend who wants to do that too, but still, you are WAITING rather than simply DOING IT!


Life is precious, shorter by the minute and who cares what anybody thinks when we step out on the dance floor alone and begin to move our hips with reckless abandon?? If you just want to dance, GET OUT THERE AND DO IT!!! Don’t wait for anyone to join you. Maybe, on a lark, that man standing in the corner will love your dancing. But, WHO CARES?????



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  1. Brenda on September 14, 2015 at 7:50 am

    I love to dance too and I dance at every opportunity with or without my hubby. If he wants to sit out he does and just watches and waits patiently until the band/music stops playing. That’s usually the only time I stop. It’s exhilarating and the best exercise.?

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