The Gift of Joy




Sounds a little crazy, but some people find the gift of joy the most difficult to open. Again, it isn’t necessarily because Bloomingdales kidnapped the holidays or that Lady Gaga co-opted “White Christmas”. I suspect it is what I call “survivor guilt”. 


How can you feel joy when there is so much pain? People are dying, friends are getting divorced, someone that is loved so deeply just got a diagnosis that doesn’t look good…not to mention refugees, world hunger, my bank account, broken hearts,  Ebola and Donald Trump! What is there to feel joyful about?


Some of us feel we need to do penance, homage or just suffer. It’s as if somehow we have to earn joy. How can suffering feel more comfortable?


At the risk of sounding trite or repeating what you have heard already, I want to speak for those who have passed on and are looking down on all of us  every single day…Listen…


“Life is precious and not to be taken for granted. We are here to feel the joy and privilege of being alive. Suffering happens, but that is not where God (Glenda the Good Witch, Allah, Jesus…insert your own) wants us to “live”.

We are to love every single moment, to contribute to the happiness of others, take care of this planet so that our children will feel the joy it brings to our doorstep every single minute we breathe.  


Tomorrow when you wake, let the first thing you say be “Thank you. I get another day to live, love and feel the joy. I will use it wisely.”

Then, have a mocha, play with your children, go sport shopping, feed the homeless, write a check to a charity you love, use real cream, go see a smarmy movie, go for a swim in the Bay, make chocolate chip cookies and eat all you want, tell someone you love how much they mean to you….so many ways to feel the joy! 

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