What’s It Worth to Ya?

Heart shaped clock“I just don’t have time…”


I hear that a lot and every time a friend utters those words, it makes me feel sad. I don’t know why. Everyone has a right to decide how to spend their precious time.

Finding someone to love takes a lot of time unless you are the winner of the “I Found Him on the First Date” lottery. Whether you opt to do it the “natural” way…meet him/her at church, hiking, or  find yourself scouting for him/her at a local watering hole during Friday’s Happy Hour, or (hear the theme from  “The Twilight Zone”) the sometimes-dreaded online way, it will take a great deal of your precious time and several layers of very thick skin.

I recently had a client who managed to finally get up the courage to go to a free online site and arrange to meet a man for dinner. After dinner, the person she met said, “Goodnight. Best of luck to you.” and drove off. Her text to me … “I can’t believe that after a nice dinner, this is all that he had to say?” Yes, it was. For this person, there was no mutual attraction. Plain and simple, sometimes painful and devastating.


Ask yourself if you are ready to love. If “yes”, then clear your calendar, reach down deep inside for courage, put on your sunglasses and get ready for an adventure. You will learn more about yourself than you can even imagine, and if you stay open and determined to find love, one day you will feel the magic. It is so worth it,  but first you have to make the time.

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